Oysters for breakfast at Bastille Market, Paris 巴黎巴士底市集的生蠔早餐

Oysters for breakfast at Bastille Market, Paris 巴黎巴士底市集的生蠔早餐

5th January 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

I love markets and what better than a food market on a Sunday morning in Paris! A few years ago, we hopped over to Paris for a long weekend to celebrate my husband’s birthday and went to one of Paris’s largest market.

On Sunday, we went to Bastille Market, one of the largest market in Paris. The market starts at July Column at the Place de la Bastille, extending for almost one kilometre along the Boulevard Richard Lenoir.
在星期日,我們去了巴黎其中一個最大的市集~巴士底市場。它位於巴士底廣場(Place de la Bastille)有47米高的七月柱旁,一直沿著Richard Lenoir 大道延伸將近一公里。par02a

The July Column was built between 1835 to 1840 to commemorate the French Revolution of 1830. Since King Charles X came to power in 1824, France started a period of economic discontent, suppression of freedom of press, and concentration of power to the crown. The liberals and revolutionaries became increasingly dissatisfied with the monarchy, and on 26th July 1830, the opposition newspaper called for a revolt. The revolution started the next day and lasted for three days, and shortly after led to the abdication of King Charles X. The 47 metre tall July Column was built to commemorate this important period in French history.

Nowadays, every weekend at the foot of the July Column and in the Bastille Square, it is busy packed with people, both locals and tourists visiting the gorgeous Bastille Market. The market has over 150 stalls and sells a wide range of fresh produce from flowers, fruit and veg, to seafood and meat, as well as desserts.

Walking pass the colourful freshly cut flowers on a Sunday morning is the perfect way to start the beautiful day.

Our first port of call was to the seafood stalls, as we absolutely love seafood.

Within a matter of minutes, we were already tucking into a plate of oysters. Fresh oysters for breakfast, nothing beats that!

Bastille market has had lots of other stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetable, as well as roast chicken.

The roast chicken was very tempting, but I had my eyes on something else, so to decided to give that a miss.

My focus of course, is on the dessert. No one should ever leave France without having a croissant. It doesn’t matter whether you buy them at a market, in a bakery or supermarket in France, they have never disappointed me.
And of course crepes to round off the morning.

This was definitely a Sunday morning well spent at the market.