My favourite cafes Part 4 口袋裏的咖啡店 4

My favourite cafes Part 4 口袋裏的咖啡店 4

1st December 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

I’m back again with my next review of some of my favourite cafes in Taichung, Taiwan, and if you’ve missed my previous post you can check it out here.


The owner loves Tommy cars and 82mm is the size of these die-cast cars. You can see his collection all over the cafe. On the upstairs, the chairs in the seating area are refurbished car seats, that’s a really innovative reuse of material not to mention very cool. The cafe itself is housed in an old house and some of the original features such as the window frames and brick walls can still be seen.
主人熱愛小模型車,店裡隨處可見,而 82mm 正是模型車的特定尺碼。樓上座位很特別,是用舊車輛的座位循環再用,既環保又非常酷。咖啡店坐落於一家老房子裡,以前的窗框和磚牆仍然保留著。喝一杯咖啡,可以一次過欣賞三種不同的風味,CP真高呢!


A-Huat 呀發咖啡

I love coming here as they do a very good value and yummy set lunch that only cost NTD150/USD4.85/£3.80. After lunch, I normally hang around for the afternoon, chatting to friends or just chill out. There are two different sections in the cafe, one is the normal seating area with tables and chairs, and the other is like a living room with a two seater and many Ikea armchairs.
呀發咖啡店分前後部份。後面像家裡客廳一樣,擺了多張舒適沙發。 前面有幾張桌子,除了喝咖啡外,他們的午餐CP值十分高,才只需NTD150/USD4.85/£3.80 一客套餐。 我經常在這裏吃完午餐後, 然後再點一杯咖啡慢慢坐一個下午。

A Huat

CMYK Gallery

The name is a giveaway here. If you’re an artist and like pets, this cafe is for you. The downstairs area is the cafe and the resident cat. Upstairs is an art gallery. The fee depends in the canvas size, and includes all the material like paint and brush as well as a coffee of course. I wrote about this colourful place previously.
愛好畫畫的朋友,見到這家咖啡店的名字都應該猜到它的主題。 樓下是咖啡店,有店主的貓咪坐陣。 樓上是畫廊, 費用包含所有畫畫所需的材料。可以一邊畫畫,一邊喝咖啡喝咖啡。 想嘗試畫畫,但又不想買大量材料的人,這裏就最適合不過。


Fermento 發酵

I first came across this cafe when I went to lunch at another restaurant. The desserts were exquisitely made and I found out were supplied by Fermento who was actually quite near me. I came here a couple of weeks later and saw the rest of their products. They all looked just as exquisite. The cafe area is very sophisticated and classy, just like their cakes. Perfect for afternoon tea with the girls.
第一次認識這家咖啡店,是在另一間餐廳吃試過他們的甜點。 原來他們的咖啡店就在我家附近。 店內甜點的種類比我在餐廳吃的還要多,製作十分精緻, 跟咖啡店裝潢一樣。 整體感覺是一間格調很高的咖啡店,最適合跟姊妹們來下午茶。


Condor 康朵咖啡

This is owned by a couple who, if I remember correctly, quit their jobs to start up the business. Apparently Condor for is the name of a coffee bean, they really like it so used that as their cafe name. Their dedication and passion for coffee and their business is apparently, and they even invested in a roaster to roast their own coffee beans.

Condor Cafe

That’s all for this edition of my favourite cafes part 4. I’ll be back next time with some more of my favourite cafes in Taichung. In the meanwhile, if you’re ever in Taichung, or want to find out more about any of the cafes I’ve reviewed, you can check out my map below. It will take you to the location and additional information for each cafe.