Battling with the rain in Taipei 雨中的台北101

They say Taipei always rains. That’s sounds like England if you ask me.
聽人家說台北經常下雨, 這有點像英國。 今天約了朋友在台北見面, 從捷運出來突然開始下小雨點, 然後愈下愈大, 結果差點兒整個人也濕透。 狼狽極了。 幸好朋友約的 咖啡店很別緻, 餐飲的盤子附有音樂盒, 一邊喝咖啡一邊聽音樂, 把剛才雨中掙扎的過程忘得一乾二淨。 好朋友聊天很快過了一個下午。 晚上坐客運回家時外面又下雨了…. 在車廂裏看雨中的台北101又另有一番風味。


I came out from the underground, strolling across to my rendezvous. I’m looking forward to meet friends that I haven’t seen for nearly a year, and others that I’ve know for a while but never met in real life. Suddenly, drops of rain fall from above, then more and more follow. I hurry along, but it doesn’t make any difference, they’re still following me. Then I decide to make a dash for it as they’re getting more and more annoying. It seems like they have a mind of their own and they come in truck loads, lapping onto me like a leeches. I know I’m a lovable person, but which part of “Get off me!!!!” do you not understand?? Finally I make it indoors and manage to get rid of them as they’re not allowed inside. Ha! Ha! I look out of the window and they’re still there. But its too late, they’ve succeeded in messing me up and I’m pretty much drenched. Screw you!!


I feel a bit better when the coffee arrives. Each tray has a music box on it and they open the lid when they place the tray in front of you. If you listen carefully you can hear the soothing tinkle. Very calming, especially after my horrid ordeal just now.

Four cups of coffee on a tray

I treat myself to a waffle because I didn’t have time for lunch as I was too busy battling with you know who just now.


We had a great afternoon catching up with one another, and soon it was time to head home. The rain was back again, but this time I was on the bus so they didn’t get me. Now it was my turn to watch them trying to catch somebody else out.

I watched as they tried to battle with Taipei 101, but I don’t think they did very well. Every corner we turned, Taipei 101 was still standing tall and mighty, not afraid of them. This was a side of Taipei 101 that I haven’t seen before. Strong and beautiful. Bravo!!

7 thoughts on “Battling with the rain in Taipei 雨中的台北101

  1. I really enjoyed this post. It’s just like being back there.

    I discovered that “Taipei wins” whenever you are tired. The people sense your weakness and pile on you, somehow (in their own, well-meaning way). I also found that Taipei also provides places of refuge in its cafes. It’s like the city nurtures you, even as it vexes you.

    I’ll try to check in with your blog more often.

    1. Thanks a lot for dropping by Harry. There are so many faces of Taipei and I think was very lucky to see this particular side that evening. Hope to see you around more often and perhaps back to Taiwan some time?

      1. I’m working on it!

        In the meantime, I’m experiencing Taiwan through books (and your blog). I’ve just started The Stolen Bicycle, and I think it’s fantastic.

        1. Just checked out that book, sounds interesting, I’m going to see if my local library has it as it. In fact I will recommend it to my friend mynewchapterinlife who commented this post as wel,l as he enjoys cycling. Thanks for the recommendation!!

    1. 1 hour on the high speed rail plus half an hour to get to the train station. On the coach its 2.5 to 3 hours but 1/3 of the HSR price.

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