Watch showcase~ Omega 曬曬手錶 ~ 亞米茄

Watch showcase~ Omega 曬曬手錶 ~ 亞米茄

2nd August 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

Most possessions in life you acquire yourself, some are gifted as presents, and some are inherited.  Some of these possessions may be really expensive such as a house or a car, some are cheaper items that come and go in life, and some are priceless.  That’s the same with my small watch collection.

一生人中,總有不少身外物。有些會很昂貴例如房屋或汽車, 有些是可有可無的物品, 而有些可能是無價寶。 今次要介紹的亞米茄手錶對我來講就是無價寶,因為是媽媽遺傳給我。開始寫這個曬曬手錶系列後, 有人問我手錶對我來說為何這樣吸引? 我想應該是因為它夠長壽。 主人不在它還在。時間不會停頓,就像把主人的生命繼續延續下去。

The watch I want to talk about today is priceless as I inherited it from my mother.  I have no idea how long she’s had it, somehow I never noticed this sort of thing when  I was younger.  Perhaps I should have?  Those who’ve been reading my blog for a while may remember me talking about how I used to work in Hong Kong for quite a long time,  and then went back to UK to continue my career.  One of the main reason for me going back to UK was really for my mother.  I figured I’d been out of the country for long enough and it was time to head home, especially with her deteriorating health condition. I can’t remember when mum gave me this watch, but that was some time before she started to drift in and out of la la land with her dementia.



The watch is an Omega Ladymatic vintage watch.  I found a few similar watches on the internet and they all say this model was produced sometime in the sixties, which makes it older than me!!!

I remember when she gave me the watch, the watch strap was quite old and frail, she must have had it all these years.  I knew a watch distibutor quite well, and took it in for an appraisal. They were quite impressed with the watch, I guess you don’t get that many vintages lying around.  Luckily they also had an original Omega watch strap in stock which fitted my watch perfectly.  That gave it a new lease of life and I could wear it every day.



  • Brand : Omega
  • Model: Ladymatic
  • Movement : Quartz
  • Case : Possibly gold plated
  • Diameter : 21mm
  • Glass : ??
  • Dial : White
  • Numerals : Markers
  • Strap : Leather
  • Clasp : Buckle



When I started to write about this watch series a while ago, someone asked me what was it about watches that captured my attention? There are quite a few, but the most important one is longevity.   Life stops, but time doesn’t, and a watch is like an extenstion of one’s life.  In fact this is what Patek Philippe uses as their slogan “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.”  I guess this applies to all other good quality watches.  I am the next generation and I’m not going to be the last with this watch.