Watch showcase 曬曬手錶 ~ Concord

Watch showcase 曬曬手錶 ~ Concord

19th July 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

For my watches, there’s always a story behind each one. Either why I bought it, or how I acquired it, and what was going on around my life at that time. The one I want to showcase today doesn’t have such an interesting story compared to some of my other ones. In fact, up to yesterday I couldnt remember why I bought it, other than the fact that it is kinda my style. As I was trying to find its box a few days ago, I managed to rummage out the invoice instead. Then I remembered! It was a birthday present from my hubby. Well strictly speaking, we bought it together and when you’re married, his money is my money, and my money is my money. It just sounds nicer to say its a birthday present from him!

When I bought this watch, those were the days when I was still working and times were good. The UK based company I was working for had formed a joint venture with a US competitor, we were both leading industry players in our respective coutries. The JV was a major breakthrough in our industry and we were going to conquer the world. A lot of the staff from both parent companies were eager to join the JV, but my department’s function was to be performed by the US parent so there was little chance of any of us joining. Then I found out there was a opening in my specific area of work and eventually managed to get in. Two year later both parents figured that this wasn’t going to work out, and coupled with economic and industry downturn, decided to kill the JV. Most staff went back to their parent company, and others took a rather generous redundancy package. I was one of the latter, giving me a nice break and a taste of freedom. Something that I am fortunate to enjoy again now.


Concord is a Swiss brand founded in 1908, targetting primarily the US market. They were well known for using precious metals and gems to produce luxury quartz watches. From the 70’s through the 80’s they produced some of the most expensive quartz watches and was well known within the luxury quartz watch market. In the next two decades, changes within the company structure and focus (sounds familiar?) meant that the Concord brand got less support and attention from their owners. In 2008, as Concord approached their 100th anniversary they relaunched themselves by producing bold, inconic and innovative watches and are gradually making a comeback.


My watch is part of the Sportivo series, its not one of Concord’s most popular range, but I like its rectangular art deco style. I also like the leather strap which makes its look elegant but not too formal. The pink face is quite simple, with a rectangle border for the dial markers set in gemstones (I’m told they’re diamonds…) and the top 12 and bottom 6 figures are in roman numerals.


  • Brand : Concord
  • Model: Sportivo
  • Movement : Quartz
  • Case : Stainless steel
  • Diameter : 21mm x 19mm
  • Glass : Sapphire Crystal Scratch Resistant
  • Dial : Pink / Ivory
  • Numerals : Roman numerals / diamonds
  • Strap : Leather
  • Clasp : Pin Buckle


I didn’t find the box for the watch in the end, I must have threw it away when I moved because I had so much stuff. I did managed to find the little blue suede holder which has seen better days. If you look carfully at it, you can see the Concord brand and logo embossed on the front.

Inside is the international guarantee and the certificate for the watch. I’ve completely forgotten about this and haven’t removed them from the holder for god knows how many years. The blue holder has even left a mark all the way down the front of the guarantee booklet. The Concord is a nice watch and goes well with casual clothing so suits me fine nowadays as my style is casual bordering scruffy!