Taichung’s top tourist attraction 台中最紅景點

Taichung’s top tourist attraction 台中最紅景點

3rd March 2019 0 By livinguktaiwan

In every city there’s always a tourist attraction that you must visit but in reality there isn’t much to see. Taichung’s top tourist attraction is the Miyahara Eye Hospital.
每一個城市總有一個沒什麼值得看,但又必去的景點。 台中市內就是宮原眼科 。這家百年老的前眼科醫院,大概在十年前更新成為台中市網紅景點。



You may wonder what’s so special about an eye hospital especially when it looks a bit mediocre. First, the Miyahara Eye Hospital was built in the late 1920s. Over the years it has survived public service, glory, war time, earthquake, typhoons and dereliction. I always have the utmost respect for buildings that have stood the test of time. Secondly, the eye hospital was the largest hospital in Taichung back in the colonial days. It was established by a Japanese called Miyahara. Miyahara was active in both the local political and medical arena. I have to applaud his spirit behind establishing a major public establishment. Third, and the most important, don’t judge a book by its cover.  I’ll explain why it has become Taichung’s top tourist attraction.



Let’s talk about the outside first. There are two pairs of Ionic Greek pillars at the front of the red brick building. The red brick extends to the side of the building with arches all along. A new glass roof top was added during the restoration a decade ago.
紅磚古舊外牆配上新穎玻璃屋頂, 內裏有多個高大哈利波特色式木書櫃。陽光從玻璃屋頂照射到店內大玻璃上,讓包裝得美輪美奐的糕點零食統統進入眼簾。

Most people don’t notice the little ants on the ground outside the front door. In Taiwan, an ant is a nickname for someone who likes sweet things such as desserts and sweets. You’ll see in a minute why the ants are outside Taichung’s top tourist attraction.


Let’s go inside to take a look.  Did this wow you? It does to pretty much everyone who steps in for the first time, that’s why I always bring visitors here.


This is a shop that sells local snacks and chocolate including the famous Taiwanese pineapple cake. That’s why there are some ants outside by the front door.  However, it’s more famous for its instragammable photo opportunities. Harry Potter style tall wooden bookcases line up the one side of the wall. Then there’s the grand staircase leading up to the cafe and restaurant on the upper floors. Natural lights shines through the glass ceiling and the magnificent interior reflects onto the long mirror at the end of the building.


Everytime I come here, which on average is about three or four times a year, the shop theme is different. This time the decor and staff uniform is a floral theme. I think this complements the product packaging rather well. After all, that’s what they’re the most famous for.
我一年總會去三四次每次都,都是帶訪客人去參觀。 而每次去的時候,內裏的格調和職員制服都不一樣。 可以說是每次新款,每日不同。 如果你喜愛拍照跟朋友分享, 到台中市遊玩必然要去。 但如果想買手信信送給朋友, 你找我吧。 我帶你去當地人買而且又好吃的手信。

If you’re big on Instagram and like pretty places, this is the perfect place for you. As to the products, its style over substance, if you ask me. If you like pretty things, by all means buy gifts here for friends back home. But if you want to buy gifts that actually taste good, hit me up if you’re in Taichung. I’ll take you to where the locals go.