Red Arrows display

In my previous post,  I went on a  hike in England and stopped on the way to watch the Red Arrows perform at the Farnborough Airshow.   I promised to share with you some video clips once I got round to edit them, and did that a few days ago.   Before I show you the video, I want to share a view more photos as their performance is just so amazing.  Just look at their precision!!!

Red Arrows at the Farnborough Airshow

In this manoeuvre, there are two planes which look like their about to go head on, but of course with the skill of the team this will never happen and they skillfully zoom past one another forming this double loop of red and blue smoke.

Red Arrows Farnborough Airshow

Red Arrows, Farnborough Airshow



Apart from enhancing the visual display of the performance, the smoke from the jets are essential for each of the pilots in the team to easily locate one other’s position and to gauge the wind direction and speed.  The blue and red smoke are created by mixing a special dye into the diesel, and the pilot has to press the appropriate button to release the appropriate colour at the right moment.  Sounds complicated?  Well, imagine having to do this whilst you are looping the jet up in the air.  Now you understand why these guys have my upmost respect!

Red Arrows Farnborough Airshow

Red Arrows Farnborough Airshow

Now for the video.  I’ve left the original soundtrack in the clip so you can get a feel of the Hawk fast jets zooming in the sky and the excitement  of the children around me.  If you’re around UK this summer, you can check out the Red Arrow’s schedule to see if they will be performing somewhere near  you.   You will not be disappointed!


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    1. In my opinion (but I’m a bit biased as well ^_^) they are the best in the world!!!

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