Norfolk Broads 口袋英倫秘景

Norfolk Broads 口袋英倫秘景

18th May 2018 1 By livinguktaiwan

When the weather starts to warm up, England is the best place to go hiking. Today, let me take you to Norfolk in the east of England. It’s probably a lesser known part of England not frequented by many overseas visitors but to give you an idea, its only about an hour away from Cambridge, one of UK’s and the world’s most famous university.


This was my cottage for the long weekend. From the outside it doesn’t look very special, and in fact it looks a bit run down, but this is one where you shouldn’t judge the book by its cover.


I love the living room inside the cottage, as this is one of the few places where I actually feel quite tall!


And the stunning view outside through the front door archway, and beyond the driveway. Isn’t it just idyllic? To be honest, I could have stayed here all weekend sitting outside with a drink, and just soaking in the serene surroundings.




However, it would be a sin not to explore the famous Broads when visiting Norfolk. The Broads are shallow man made lakes created centuries ago from digging out peat which was used in the medieval days as fuel. Today, the Broads have become synonymous with Norfolk and the area covers over 300 square km of natural beauty. There entire area is absolutely stunning and would take more than a long weekend to explore it in full.

但既然長途跋涉到諾福克,當然要到處逛逛和欣賞它著名的布羅茲濕地公園。布羅茲濕地公園其實是人工做的小河流。在中世紀因缺乏資源,所以當時的人就地取材,刮出長在地上的煤泥用作燃料。久而久之地上刮出很多一條條的坑,再過了多年後,坑裡注滿了水而變成小河流,形成今天既特別又美麗的自然生態區。整個濕地公園複蓋範圍超過 300平方公里,如果要全部走完,一個週末肯定不夠。




The Bure Valley railway is another great experience you can try when visiting the Norfolk. The railway was built in 1880 and was in commercial use till 1982. Since then, a group of railway enthusiasts have taken over the track and operated it with the help of a group of volunteers. A single journey on this nostalgic steam train takes 45 minutes and goes between two villages, Aylsham and Wroxham in this beautiful countryside. You can also hop on and hop off the four villages in between. I didn’t go on this train, as I spent the whole day hiking on foot around the area, but I did see the train pass by a few times.

諾福克另一個著名景點是Bure Valley 蒸氣小火車。這條鐵道在1880建造,一直到1982還在營運,服務這個地區已超過一個世紀。鐵道被棄置多年後,由一群熱愛鐵道的人士收購而得以保留,現在靠志工幫忙運作,成為旅遊觀光景點,所有盈利都會用於鐵路上,讓這重要的歷史一部分得以延續。

Part of my hike was right next to the railway track, and I saw this nostalgic train called Easter Eggspress zoom by. Very apt as it was Easter when I went!