My Wedding Anniversary 結婚週年

My Wedding Anniversary 結婚週年

30th August 2018 2 By livinguktaiwan

29th August started off just like an other normal day, nothing special about it.  Until the afternoon, I suddenly remembered the significance of this day.  It was our wedding anniversary!!  We had both totally forgotten about it,  I guess when you’ve been married for quite a long time like us, anniversaries, birthdays and valentines are just another day in the year like the other 361 days.  Hubby suggested we go out to dinner to celebrate. Actually if he had his own Google Translate site, that would translate to “Let’s use this as an excuse and go out for dinner so I can pig out!”  And this is when he is very good at taking the initiative to do something without me asking him to  (men!!!!).  Very soon he had found a Japanese barbeque restaurant that specialises in Wagu beef and offal, which apparently is very popular in Japan.

8月29日開始的一天跟平日沒分別。 直到下午我突然記起原來這天是我倆結婚週年紀念。 愛吃的另一半最懂找藉口大吃一餐,提議出外晚飯慶祝。 找了一家日本燒烤店專攻和牛和內臟聽說在日本萬受歡迎。 服務員會在桌上的火爐幫客人燒烤食物, 內臟部分油脂較多 燒烤時火焰飆升,但服務員卻若無其事繼續烤。厲害!視頻中可以看到很精彩片段。餐廳每月29日都有安排抽獎活動,我非常幸運連中三元,贏得四個獎品。結果一餐晚飯不用100美金,還換來美食可以下次免費吃。

First up, a beer to celebrate our anniversary, why not!

The restaurant does a lucky dip promotion on the 29th of every month with every drink purchased. There are 9 numbers and the prizes are shown on a 3 x 3 grid.  Prizes includes a free small dish, or a large one at a discounted price.  And as a bonus, if you complete a line like in bingo you get one other bigger free dish.  For our first two drinks, I drew number 7 and 9 and got one free dish, and another one at 80% off.   Not bad for a start.   Then hubby order his second beer.  And I did the lucky dip again.  Number 8 came up!!!  I had completed a row on the grid!!!  What a way to celebrate our anniversary, even though we hadn’t intended to!


All the food is barbequed in front of us on our table.  The staff cooked it to perfection, much better than I could have done myself.  Due to the nature of the food, some of them had a rather high fact content and the flames shot quite high like a mini bonfire, yet it didn’t seem to bother the staff at all.  Take a look at this short video I made and flame at the end of it.


Now for the food, but I promise I’m going to show you just a couple of photos.  This is the part that vegans may want to skip over quickly  ….

Vegans, back here please!!!!  That’s all the food done as this isn’t a food post.   Considering that we hadn’t intended to celebrate our wedding anniversary when we woke up in the morning, we actually finished off the day on the high.  The food was great, the staff were really kind and chatty and service was brilliant.  To top it off, our dinner bill came to under USD100 and we won a bunch of free dishes for next time.    Next month is hubby’s birthday, I can bet you he’ll come up with an excuse to go out again.