My favourite cafes part 2

My favourite cafes part 2

18th September 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

Hi everyone, last time I shared some of my favourite cafes in Taichung with you. Since I like visiting cafes in my spare time, I thought I’d continue to share them with you and also pin them into LivingUKTaiwan Favourite Cafes Map.  You can find that at the end of this article.  Without further ado, let me share  my favourite cafes part 2.
之前跟大家分享幾家台中市內,我很喜愛的咖啡店。 想了想,不如開一個我最喜愛咖啡店的系列 ,把所有商店地址和資料加到谷古地圖上。大家到台中的話,可以選一家心儀的。有興趣找我一起去噢!

Jamling Cafe

This cafe is located across the main road from Sogo department store so its quite central. I pass by literally everyday whenever I go into town yet have never visited as I always think cafes located at prime spots are busy because of their location and not quality. Anyway, one day I ran out of ideas for new places to try, and decided to give it a go. Ambience wise it was nice, service so so, but my word, their souffle waffles!!! The fluffiest and best I’ve ever had. I think I will be back.
這咖啡店位於 Sogo 對面,屬於市內中心地帶。一直都認為在旺點的咖啡主要是地點吸引人流,品質不會怎樣好。有天決定去試試看。原來發覺它現做的鬆餅超級軟熟美味噢!看來以後要多去。

5 springs

Like a lot of cafes in Taiwan, the one has no English name, though the translation was an easy one. I love this cafe as it’s located in an old house, bags of character. The exterior is very homely and you can see some of the exposed walls inside. There’s one big table that sits 6, otherwise its the bench along the wall which is not as comfy. They only serve black coffee here, sourcing quality beans from around the world, not that I would know the difference.
5春位於一間老宅裡。 門外有點住家feel,裏面有幾道牆壁還隱約見到露出磚頭,很特別的殘破感覺。 店內只售賣單點咖啡,對於我這些不太懂咖啡的人,請老闆為我選擇適合的就最好。

Cafe Buddha

Any contemporary place such as restaurant, cafe, nightclub etc that has got buddha in its name normally tries to portray a cool hippy style. Cafe Buddha is no different. Located near Feng Jia, one of the university area, this is a hip, cool cafe, great for catching up with friends. The floor area is quite small and most of the cafe area is upstairs. We sat at the outside main terrace which was really nice as it wasn’t too hot. Though in summer, I’ll have to head back inside the air con area.
佛達咖啡店位於逢甲大學附近。 它的店面不算大,樓下只有幾個座位,其餘座位都在樓上。樓上有個蠻大的陽台,種了一盤一盤的植物。 我在哪裏跟朋友坐了一個下午聊天,還好很涼爽。不過我看,夏天應該要走回有冷氣的室內。

Ken Food

I found out about this place from a TV program. Apparently it’s a stone’s throw away from me but I always turn down the corner before I get there, that’s why I didn’t know about it. Their signature is the fruit cheesecake. This is great for taking photos (who doesn’t!!!) as it’s frozen so you can take as long as you want. Once you’re done, they will slice it for you. Although they call it a cheesecake, it’s not really. It’s fruit and cream cheese frozen inside a melon.


What a pity this cafe has closed down now! I only went 7 months ago. It’s located down a little alley next to a small parking lot and the outside is quite low key. You have to know what you’re looking for in order to find it. It took me a while to find it even I had the address. Anyway, it still deserves a mention on my list because it does some yummy swiss rolls. You can tell the owner has put a lot of effort on making this a cool cafe great to chill out for the afternoon. Too bad it’s closed down now.
想不到大半年前來過這裡,現在這咖啡店已沒再經營。雖然如此,我覺得它還是值得紀錄在案。 走工業風一家小小的咖啡店,座位不多但甜點做得很出色。 其實店並不好找,有地址我也走了幾個圈圈才找到。不知這跟它再沒經營有沒有關係。
Rokaro Cafe, Taichung

That’s all for this edition of my favourite cafes part 2. I’ll be back next time with some more of my favourite cafes in Taichung.  In the meanwhile, if you’re ever in Taichung, or want to find out more about any of the cafes I’ve reviewed, you can check out my map below.  It will take you to the location and additional information for each cafe.