My artistic creation

Inspired by the miniature exhibition that I went to last week and blogged about, I decided to create my own miniature world from bits and pieces I found in my kitchen.

But before I dwell into that, I want to share with you a video that I made when I was at the exhibition last week.  This includes a tour of the venue and some other exhibits that wasn’t in my previous post, including my favourite baguette train.

Back to my creation.  When I created my miniature scene, I actually did have a theme in mind. The bits and pieces were supposed to represent my concept. The black background, the white towers, my little red figurines, their positioning and the silver mountain were all supposed to mean something. When finished my scene, I showed my husband and asked him what he thought of it. His interepretation was totally different from what I wanted to express. Mmmmm…… that’s intresting. Was my artistic skills not good enough, or was it so good and abstract that it is open to interpretation?  Here are a few more photos of my miniature creation.



So what do you think? What do you see in my artistic creation? How do you interpret it? Be wild, be bold, be creative, and most important of all, be yourself, so I can understand you a bit more. Drop your comment below, I’m really dying to know.

2 thoughts on “My artistic creation

  1. It’s obviously a group of people trying to have a conversation at a party, but the threads, the bands, of the conversation never go to where they’re intended; they just twist feebly out of the people’s mouths and dribble down their chests; and nobody notices, or admits he notices, the one different form, crumpled, in front of everyone, begging to be seen; he embarrasses everybody else, because he is like them but worse.

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