My accommodation in Bologna 博洛尼亞住宿

My accommodation in Bologna 博洛尼亞住宿

8th March 2018 2 By livinguktaiwan

During my short trip to Bologna I stayed at private accommodation instead of a hotel. Often I prefer to do that as you get more space compared to a hotel room. Let me show you where I stayed.
最近度博洛尼亞快閃旅遊, 我租住了私人營運的房間, 因為一般來說空間會比旅館的房間大,而且價錢也比較便宜。 我來向大家介紹我租住的地方。

This is the front door to our accommodation. Its like a stylish shop front, only there’s no reception and the front door is never locked. Even at night time!



There are 4 rooms here, mine is on the left, there’s one opposite , and two more round the corridor.


Please come inside. I’ll unlock the four bolt electronic door first. Security is very important when you’re travelling.

The first thing I see when I come in is the high ceiling and concrete floor. First impression is a very industrial feel.

The white walls all around and a white partition in the middle of the room gives a minimalistic feel.


Next, I notice the paintings and photo on the wall. Very simple yet striking art which even a novice like me is drawn to. Immediately I like this place very much.


In the outer section of the room is the living room area, table and chairs for two, and a TV. There’s also this big cupboard on the left. Guess what’s inside?


Its a small kitchenette! There’s a fridge, sink, small microwave and cooking plate, all the pots and pans, utensils, cutlery and plates. Basically everything you need to cook a meal. Its a very nice touch, but with so much great food in Bologna, it would be a pity to not eat out.


Next is the bathroom. Continuing with the industrial and minimalistic theme, it has a walk in wet room. Apart from the oval mirror, and grey top, everything else is white inside the bathroom.


Moving on to the bedroom. It’s on the other side of the partition.


Again, this is kept simple. There’s no wardrobe but has a long hanging rail and a simple shelf. The bed faces all the art work, its a nice way to wind down before you go to bed.


You may have noticed there are no windows in this room. At the top of the ceiling, there is a row of small windows, I don’t know where they face, but since I’m not in during daytime it doesn’t bother me at all. Also, as the room has a high ceiling and is all white, it feels very airy and spacious.
你可能留意到房間裏面沒有窗戶,其實近天花板是有一排窄窄的窗戶。 我不知道外面對著什麼風景,但對我來說問題不大,因為白天我不會在房間內。 房間樓底比較高又是全白色,所以雖然沒有大大的窗戶,但都不會覺得黑暗。

Bologna is a small place and I’m about 10 minutes walk away from the center, such as the two leaning medieval towers. Next time, I’ll take you around town. By the way, did I mention this room was around USD77 per night. Not a bad deal!!!
博洛尼亞很小,可以步行到主要景點。像市內最有名的雙斜塔,從房間步行也只要十分鐘而已。 下次我會帶大家到市內遊覽。喔!差點忘記,我這家房間一晚只需要 77美金,不錯吧!