Get off your high horse 領導人紆尊降貴

22nd July 2016 0 By livinguktaiwan

James Corden與美國第一夫人Michelle Obama蜜雪兒.歐巴馬的Carpool Karaoke在網上發佈短短一天就有超過一千萬點擊。

在美國和英國,政治領袖和他們的配偶在電視上為慈善籌款或自嘲的情況並不罕見。幾個月前,美國總統奧巴馬在白宮記者晚宴時以很輕鬆及自嘲形式向大家透露他的退休計劃。2007年,前英國首相Tony Blair布萊爾在一年一度慈善募捐活動Red Nose Day其中一個趣劇客串演出。同樣,剛辭任的David Cameron卡梅倫首相在2013年也在人氣樂隊One Direction為另一籌款活動Comic Relief 拍的MV裡亮相,更得到這班小伙子很親切的擁抱。相信當時有不知多少個少女希望她們是卡梅倫呢。

有些人會覺得政治領袖這樣做有政治目的,主要為自己做宣傳以提高歡迎度。我絕不懷疑這一點。以往有國家領導人跟民眾一起排隊買小吃,也有人在發生沙土時去洗街, 近期更有人到海灘清理垃圾。但到目前為止我好像還未見過華人社會的,會像英,美一般願意紆尊降貴,從高高在上的位子跳下來,做一些可能給人當笑話的事。 四年前奧運會在倫敦開幕,就連英國女王也做過邦女郎,跟大家鬧笑喔!

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James Corden’s carpool karaoke with Michelle Obama already has over 10 million hits since it was posted online a day ago.

In the US and UK it is not uncommon for political leaders and their spouse to appear on TV for good causes or to make fun of themselves.  A few months ago US President Obama poked fun of himself by revealing his post retirement plan during the White House Correspondents’ dinner.  In 2007 ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair took part in a sketch in UK’s famous annual charity fund raising event Red Nose Day.  Likewise, in 2013 David Cameron appeared in One Direction’s MTV  for Comic Relief where he got a brohug from the teenage heart throbs.

Some may say politicians do this for propaganda purposes to raise their profile and popularity . I don’t doubt this at all.  There have been leaders who have made headlines by queuing in line with the public at food stalls, and others have gone to pick up rubbish on the beach.  However, I have yet to see a Chinese leader willing to get off their high horse, to provide some fun for others at their own expense.  Even the Queen of England was a Bond girl once!