Eating in Bologna 博洛尼亞美食之旅

Eating in Bologna 博洛尼亞美食之旅

19th March 2018 1 By livinguktaiwan

No trip to Italy would be complete without a post on the food. Today I want to share with you some greats eateries from my recent trip to Bologna.


I love markets. No mattter where I go I always visit a local market to get first hand experience of what the locals eat and to spot if there are any unique local produce. Mercato delle Erbe is the largest covered market inside the former San Gervasio barracks in Bologna. There were lots of these stalls inside the market all decorated colourfully with all sorts of fresh produce. I loved how these artichokes were displayed and still can’t quite work out how the stall holder did it without them falling out.
市集是我去旅行時必去的,可以了解當地飲食文化和看看不同的在地食材。Mercato delle Erbe 以前是兵營,是市內最大的室內市集。裡面有很多小小的攤檔,各式各樣色彩鮮艷的蔬菜水果擺在攤檔四週,像在化妝一樣。我很喜愛朝鮮薊橫插的樣子,搞不清為甚麼它們不會掉下來呢?


On both sides of the market are the food stalls. This one has a beautiful set up underneath the high roof, the elephant mural and green plants gives a natural airy feeling.
遊客不方便買菜回住的地方煮,可以到市集兩旁的食物攤檔。這家擺設絕不比正式餐廳遜色,前兵營高高的樓頂, 牆上大象壁畫加上綠色茂盛盆栽, 彷如置身於大自然。



I had lunch at this little pizza place inside the market. In central London we have many pre baked pizza shops where they sell pizza by the slices. Those are chunks of thick dough with lot of tomatoes puree, unappealing toppings and artificial cheese slapped on top. Not something that I ever wanted to try. These look far more tempting. There was a nice bite to the base, and the toppings were all fresh ingredients shouting out “come and try us, come and try us !”
我選了這家小小的比薩店午餐。在倫敦也有不少類似的商店,但他們的比薩底通常是一層很厚的麵粉團,鋪上像人工加添色素的番茄醬,絕不吸引的材料再加上一層加工起司,我從來沒有意欲想吃。 但這裏的比薩就不一樣,鬆脆有咬感但不會太厚的底層,上面的材料很新鮮又吸引,像向路過的行人大叫”來試試我吧! 來試試我吧!”




Breaking Toast is great for snacks or lunch and was very near where I stayed. They do toasties with all sorts of interesting filling and their toast is probably about twice the size of a normal slice of bread. The guys running the place were kinda cute (at least one is 😉).
Breaking Toast 離我住的地點很近,他們賣各式餡料的烤三明治。對食量不太大的我是午餐,能吃的話可當小吃。店由這兩位帥哥經營(至少一位是帥哥噢😉)



Here’s my toastie, its big not because I placed it front of my phone, but it really does covers my entire face! I only managed about 1/3 of it. The remaining was supposed to be my breakfast the next morning, but then I didn’t have enough time to re-toast it as I had to rush to the airport. Such a waste of food 😣
烤三明治用的麵包比一般的至少大一倍。 你看,它真是比我的臉還要大! 結果我只吃了1/3,剩下的原本打算留待第二天早餐吃,結果因為趕去機場沒時間再烤熱,所以沒有把它吃丟。又浪費食物😣



Next time I’m going to take you to a really cool bar that used to be a chapel, and show you a couple of great dinners I had. Stay tuned.