Donor kebab cravings

7th March 2018 1 By livinguktaiwan

The other day I suddenly had a craving for a donor kebab. I didn’t use to eat them often, but when one returns to UK after gone away for two years, suddenly you want to reconnect with everything at home.


Kebabs originate from the middle east and the most common type in UK is donor kebab. You will find many of these kebab shops around UK all where the meat (normally lamb) is moulded onto a long skewer and grilled on the rotisserie.



The kebabs consists of slices of meat and salad stuffed inside a pitta bread. We bought two for dinner, a small one for £5.5 and a medium one for £6.5. They look about the same size but the medium one on the right has a lot more meat inside the pitta bread.


It was very difficult to pick up the kebab to eat without making a big mess. There were lots of salad on the top which made the pitta bread quite soggy and I literally had to fight through the salad before I could get to the meat.


The meat is sliced off the skewer in the shop so you have long thin slices of meat. How long? This long.


And this long.


My kebab portion was very big so of course I didn’t manage to finish it off, but I think I did quite well. Another tick off my things to do coming back home ☑️PSX_20180220_011838.jpg