Christmas snowflake 聖誕雪花

Christmas snowflake 聖誕雪花

1st December 2017 2 By livinguktaiwan

Hi everyone! Christmas is coming soon, let’s start the festive season by making some snowflakes!
大家好! 聖誕節快到啦,今天教大家做一個應節的手工勞作。

They are very simple to make, great for having some fun with the kids. Here’s what you need.

You also need six pieces of square paper, I’ve used 15 x 15cm. I think plain white paper actually looks best for a snowflake, or you can use red, gold or green ones to add a bit of colour to the festive season. Today I have used a blue whale pattern one.
另外你需要六張正方形紙,我用了 15 x 15cm。其實我覺得雪花應該是白色最好看,另外紅、綠或金色都很有聖誕氣氛。但今天我選用了藍色加小鯨魚圖案的。!

First of all, fold a piece of paper diagonally into a triangle like this.

Then I’m going to draw some lines on it. You have to be very careful and make sure you draw on the correct side. The first line is about 1cm from the edge, but if you’re using a bigger piece of paper you can draw it a bit wider. Next draw three lines the other way, it is best to make the spacing as even as possible. Your can check how I’ve drawn it in the photo below.

Now cut along those three lines up to the first line. When you open up the piece of paper it should look like this.

Next get a small bit of sellotape and tape the two triangles in the middle together.

Turn the piece of paper over and do the same with the next two corners. Continue till all four corners are done. It should look like this.

Repeat the same with the other five pieces of paper, and you should end up with something like this. It’s starting to look like a snowflake.

Now we will start to assemble it. Grab three of them together at one end and staple them together. Do the same with the other three.

Staple both batches together, then staple the outer criss cross of each pair together, ie these two points.

Once that’s done, the snowflake is finished. What do you think?

If you use plain colour paper, the effect will be very different. This is what I made previously. Don’t you think it looks so much more Christmassy?

Hope you enjoy this and will make one of your own.