A time capsule cafe

A time capsule cafe

21st May 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

The other week I went to an artist Cafe in Taiwan, this week I visited another one that has a photography theme. It’s called Shi Guang Cafe, which translates to Time Cafe.


The cafe is located in an old house and it’s a bit like going back to a time capsule here. In my video I’ll take you on a tour around the cafe, from the outside front garden, to the downstairs area which has a display of cameras and photography related items.

First of all, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite parts of the cafe.

The Window Frame


To be honest I’m not a big fan of these types of window as they can be fatal if there is a fire. That aside, I do love how they’ve retained all the old style window frames, especially this big one in the front of the building. I’m pretty sure when it gets busy over the weekend this will be popular Instagram photo spot.

The Front DoorP_20180419_140717_vHDR_On.jpg

This is a simple split front door with a big glass pane, I think the white frame adds a bit of art deco feel to it. I particularly like the door handle with a good old fashion key lock, as you don’t often see them on exterior main doors nowadays.

The StaircaseP_20180419_140911_vHDR_On.jpg

This is definitely the coolest part of the cafe, the raw concrete staircase leading up to the upstairs cafe. The whole hand rail including the simple decorative lines on each side is all moulded into a single piece. I love how the handrail turns and twists slightly upwards like a lady raising her arm elegantly.

The Terrace


There’s an open terrace upstairs with a couple of crates stacked together to make a table and a few old chairs. An old frame is propped aside casually, giving the whole terrace a very laid back feel. The window frames upstairs are different from the one downstairs at the front. They just have a simple pattern.

The Smokers CornerP_20180419_140726_vHDR_On.jpg

I’m not a smoker, but this little corner in the front garden is perfect if you want to get some fresh air but don’t want to trek upstairs to the terrace.

The CoffeeP_20180419_160743_vHDR_On.jpg

When in Rome do as the Roman does, when in a cafe order a coffee. With the weather starting to get quite hot in Taiwan, I always order an ice cappuccino in the summer. Notice the lovely window frames here again.These are just snapshots of this lovely cafe, please do check out my video for a full tour.