A long journey

A long journey

20th March 2017 2 By livinguktaiwan

I started blogging about nine months ago, putting a lot of effort into writing, something that’s never been my core strength. I gained some followers and viewings (thanks for your support), but in pretty low numbers.  I noticed some other bloggers managed to get hundreds of followers within a couple of weeks of starting their blog.  How did they do that?  Then I realised,  a blog doesn’t grow naturally on its own, you have to nurture it.

This weekend, I finally passed two milestones!

So now I’ve decided to do two things.  First, I’ve changed the format of my blog.  I’ve kept my header photo of the red phoneboxes as I think it’s very representative of UK.  And I’ve also kept the blue background colour.  I’d appreciate your feedback on the new format, particularly on the blue background.  I quite like it but keep on thinking it might look a bit dated.  What are your thoughts? Second, I’m going to continue writing because I’m quite enjoying it now, and I will continue to nurture my blog.  However I’m not going to get stressed over how many viewers and followers I get.  Of course, I’d still be over the moon if you read my blog and give me feedback. But if you don’t have time, I totally understand. I’ll still be typing away quietly here.